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Browser Tests

If you don't see these as described, please write to me before signing up. You should be able to use the classes even if not everything here works on your browser!

Some web pages may include Javascript, Style sheets, Animated GIF's, Midi, Pop-up Windows, .PDF files, Flash, MP3, or RealAudio.
You must have Javascript enabled in your browser. (You may have Java disabled.)
Animation and audio are not required but are strongly recommended.

to test Javascript & Animation on your browser:

You should see a spinning ball here: 

to test Audio on your browser:

This is a link to a downloadable midi file (not necessary to do the lessons)

This is a short messages here in RealAudio (rarely used):   
The first is streaming, the second is downloadable.
RealAudio is in the process of being removed from the all the classes and replaced with mp3 since RealAudio is rarely used any more.

Here is an mp3 audio file & player (click on the little arrow on the left - you may need to click on it more than once):

If the audio doesn't work, that does not mean you won't be able to do the classes.

to test stylesheets:

This text should be red!

to test windows:

Some lessons may contain pop-up windows. "Pop-up killers" may interfere with them if you've downloaded one and have it running while doing the lesson.
Pop-up windows are used in some American Geography lessons.
(There are never any ads in any of the lessons' web pages.)
This button opens up a window:

to test pdf:

Upload the FORM on the previous page.

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