September 2021 Sign-up Form

This form is for the classes that start the week of September 6, 2021.

Student's name and age or grade (or Students' names and ages or grades):
If the student is an adult, just write "adult" instead of the age.
If there is more than one student and they are taking different classes, also include the courses each one will be taking.

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Check the course(s) you want to use:

Early Church/Dark Ages History
Medieval History
Religion: The Mass
African/Pacific Geography
Math: Fractions
Ancient History
Bible History
U.S. History
Pennsylvania History
Science History
Science Projects
European & Asian Geography
American Geography (N. & S. America)
Church Latin
(Biblical) Greek grammar
Music theory

Creative Writing

     Number of children taking Creative Writing:

10-week courses:

Greek Alphabet
Hebrew Alphabet
Art Projects

Amount due for the first half of the year: $.00
Amount due for the full year: $.00

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Amount being paid for the classes that start in September: $.00
Payment is due when this form is sent.

Make sure you do not send this form more than once at a time.

Write to me at rmkrc if you have any trouble with this form.

Privacy policy: This is for my record-keeping. No information collected here will ever be sold or given to any third party.

The classes are not available in the EU.