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The L.P.H. Resource Center was started in 1992, when it was decided that it would be good to have a place where local homeschoolers who were Catholic could get together with other Catholic homeschoolers and have some fun together and also learn some subjects which can be difficult for parents to teach (I was the teacher).

I have been teaching children from homeschooling or parent-run schools since 1979 (even before it was popular), and I have a degree in Elementary Education from West Chester University. There are often subjects which parents would rather not have to teach, and it's not a bad idea to have a different teacher for kids once in a while just for variety. So that's what I would do.

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One of the homeschooling mothers whose children I had been tutoring had the idea of getting together for me to teach more kids at the same time. She got the word out and got families to sign up, and I arranged all the classes.

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She went to a Byzantine church in Pottstown, where they had an unused classroom, that he gave permission for us to use. In September of 1992, the LPH (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) Resource Center started. I picked the name because I wanted to choose an icon (for the Eastern Rite church) that was just as familiar to Western Rite Catholics. The "Resource Center" part of the name was suggested by a lawyer.

All the classes I taught there were designed for a wide range of Elementary School ages all at the same time, subjects which aren't grade-specific. Some of the things I could teach in that way are history, geography, science, art, poetry, music, and folk dancing.

FirstDaySept1992 Sept1991

It went well for a year, and then faded out because of disagreements among the various families involved (I can go into more detail about that in private email if anyone is interested).

In 1994, I started organizing the courses I had been teaching into textbooks. There weren't any publishers making current textbooks for Catholics in most subjects back in those days.

Those printed text books never sold well enough to be successful, so I no longer make them.

In the spring of 1998 I moved the textbooks on-line, and taught them over the internet, to a small number of students (7 families).

That was when it really started taking off, and has continued to grow and become more and more successful ever since!


LPH Resource Center in Pottstown

I wrote an article about our FOLK-DANCING class at the Resource Center, which was published in the Country Dance and Song Society News. You can read it here!

You can also see pictures from the performance of dances we had at the end of the year.

Here is a photo album of PICTURES from the L.P.H. Resource Center.

(Re-done 5/23/09)
You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

One of our activities that first year was the "SAINTS BOOK".

Every morning two or three kids would get up in front of the group and tell a story about a saint. I taped their stories, and put them together into a little book at the end of the year, which can be found here.

LPH Resource Center On-Line

Go to the on-line classes web page if you're interested in classes for Catholic homeschoolers being taught over the internet.

The next year of classes will be starting the week of September 14, 2011.

You can hear the Musical Compositions here from the LPH Music class.

You can write to me at if you have any questions about the L.P.H. Resource Center.

Some Catholic Homeschoolers' Web Pages

Here are some businesses run by Catholic homeschoolers, people who are on the homeschooling mailing list or take classes from the LPH Resource Center (or both).

I think it's a good idea for homeschoolers to support each other, so if you're looking for any of these things, you might want to try here first!
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