L.P.H. Book of Saints

By the children at the L.P.H. Resource Center 1993

edited by R.Kephart

Agnes Dymphna Joseph Rita
Angela Elizabeth of Hungary Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha Rose of Lima
Ann Frances of Rome Lawrence Sebastian
Anthony the Great Francis of Assisi Louise de Marillac Tarcisius
Barbara Gemma Galgani Lucy Thérèse of the Little Flower
Benedict Gertrude the Great Maria Goretti Teresa
Bernadette of Lourdes Helen Martha and Mary Thomas a Becket
Bernard Henry Martin Ursula
Catherine Jerome Mary Veronica
Cecilia Joachim Mary Magdalene Vincent
Charles Joan of Arc Mary of Egypt William
Christopher John Berchmans Patrick Zita
Clare John Bosco Paul
Colette John Nepomucen Pius X

St. Agnes

St. Agnes was only 12 years old when the soldiers seized her. In those days they killed all Christians. One day they saw St. Agnes being good so they went to kill her. She was led to the pagan goddess Miriva in Rome. But instead she raised her hands and made the Sign of the Cross. They put handcuffs on her and they slipped right off her wrists. And then the soldiers dragged her on the roads on the streets and people laughed at her. After that she was offered a rich young man's hand in marriage, but she refused. She said, "I belong to my Savior alone." And then one strike of his sword killed that little girl. Agnes means Lamb. She was gentle and pure. Her feast is January 21.

  Daniel, Meghan

St. Angela (friend of girls)

St. Angela knew many poor girls that were out on the streets and roads. They didn't know about God and Jesus and the Blessed Virgin and the saints, so she invited them over to her house and taught them about Jesus a lot. She did that almost every day and she taught them prayers. And then once then once those girls were older, they taught other people about Jesus.


St. Ann

St. Ann was the grandmother of Jesus. She and her husband were begging for a child, praying every day for a child. So one day, after St. Ann was too old, she was praying outside and this angel appeared to her and said, "You shall have a child that will be named Mary." God gave her a child, and she named her Miriam or Mary. They were very happy and they were teaching Mary how to read the Scriptures. St. Joachim, her husband, died after Christ the child's birth. St. Ann's name means "grace". She is the patron mother of all mothers and children and her feast day is July 26.

  Emily, Meghan

St. Anthony the Great

St. Anthony is a great saint. Anthony was born in the year 250. When Anthony was 20 his parents had died. After his parents died, he sold his home and went into the desert and joined some young men. They were devoting their whole time to prayers. They owned only what they need to keep alive. They did fasting and prayer. When Anthony was 35 he wanted to be more alone with God, so he decided to move alone. Anthony and his monks did prayers in the desert for 23 years. The Empire asked for Anthony's advice and blessings. Anthony died in the year 356 at the age of 105. He had asked his companions to bury him in an unmarked grave. Highly respected by the whole Church which knew of his holiness, he was soon called St. Anthony the Great. His feast day is January 17.


St. Barbara

Her father believed in false gods but she believed in God. So her father made a tower and put her in there. And then her father took her to a judge and she had a choice: either to believe in the false gods or else be beaten, and so she got beaten. And then later her father took her up to a mountain and he found her praying to God to ask her father to believe in Him. Then her father killed her because he didn't want that. Her feast day is December 4.


St. Benedict

He realized that men and boys were men were very bad and cruel. Even the boys in school were very cruel. So he tried to be nice to them, and they just made fun of him and laughed at him. So he went up to a mountain and just prayed to God alone and studied very much. Other people heard of this holy man and they came up and they said, "Can we stay with you?" And he said, "Yes." He built many buildings for them to stay at. And he taught them about Jesus Christ. His feast day is March 21.


St. Bernadette of Lourdes

One day St. Bernadette went with her friends to gather firewood. They had gone across the river, but she went to this cave. She saw the Blessed Mother over a rock. She had stars around her head and she had a beautiful blue and white dress on, and roses on her feet. They prayed the Rosary together. Then she told her to come back for a couple of months and she went back. So she kept on visiting her again and again, until she said, "I want you to dig a hole." And all this spring water came out. The Blessed Mother told her to wash herself and she did. Whoever bathed in there would get well. That now is at Lourdes and that's where people come and they get cured. Then the Blessed Mother said, "There shall be a church built up here." And there was. She became a nun. After a couple years she became ill and died April 16.

  Annette, Daniel,

St. Bernard

St. Bernard went up to the monastery to be a priest. Thirty of his friends went with him. He built many buildings so men could join. Hundreds of brave men came to join and pray to God. The Turks hated Christians and they wanted to kill them all, so Bernard led a great army against them. He only carried a Crucifix. He wrote a many beautiful songs. We sing them to this day.


St. Catherine

A Roman man wanted to marry St. Catherine, but she became a nun. A pope was in England and she spoke to the pope, "Your place is in Rome. That's where your people are." The pope listened to the nun's words. So the pope went back to Rome and the princes were furious. They wanted to make a false pope. So Catherine came over and explained to them and they settled down. After she explained to them then she went back to her place. She died at the age of 36.

  Meghan, Kyle

St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia was famous and loved because she was one of the most famous Roman martyrs. According to legend, she was a young Christian of high rank and she was promised in marriage to a Roman named Valarian. Through her example, he was converted and martyred with his brother. She would not sacrifice to any other god, so the judge had her smothered by steam but God protected her. Then he had a soldier strike her with a sword. She fell down badly wounded but remained alive for 3 days. Then, after receiving the Holy Eucharist, she died November 22.


St. Charles

St. Charles was from a rich noble family. He went to become a priest. His uncle, who was pope, made him a priest. When Martin Luther began Lutheran churches, he brought thousands and thousands back to the Holy Sacrament. Later on, the pope made him bishop. He was a very good bishop. Every time he preached, thousands of people came to hear him.


St. Christopher

When St. Christopher was living, it was dangerous days. He became a soldier but he did not have any belief. He was not a Christian. A saint came by and told him about Jesus Christ so he thought he'll believe in Jesus Christ so he did. One day he was going to journey to Bethlehem and he was going across the river on a stormy day and he saw a little boy. The child said, "Hold me and take me out far out in the sea." So he picked the boy up and carried him across the river because the river was getting stronger. He was a very strong man so he carried the boy across and the boy got heavier and heavier. And as he notices the boy getting heavier and heavier, the boy said, "I am the Lord." And then all of a sudden he realized that he was carrying Jesus. So he was very surprised! He died a martyr.

  Kyle, Meghan

St. Clare

St. Clare's father was a count and when she was young, she heard St. Francis preaching on the streets of Assisi and she told him how much she wanted to devote her life to Jesus, so they became good friends. St. Clare would not marry, so when she was 18, she left her castle and went to the Church of Our Lady of Angels where she met St. Francis and his brothers. Then she consecrated her life to God on the altar of Our Lady. Later, in an old house outside of Assisi, she started a group called Poor Clares, and her sister and mother and other noble ladies came to help her. They spent their life in prayer, penance, good works, and silence. She died on August 11, 1250.


St. Colette

She lived in dangerous times. There were 3 men who wanted to be a pope. And they were fighting over being pope. And St. Francis of Assisi appeared to her, and said, "You should love God a lot." And she did. And at this one night when these devils appeared to her in weird shapes and kept on telling her not to love God. And they stayed there for about 20 minutes and they wouldn't leave her until she loved God. And she died smiling and her feast is March 6.


St. Dymphna

St. Dymphna was born in Ireland. Her father Damon was a chief of the army and her mother was a devout Christian. When she was 14 her mother died. Her father sent messengers all over the land to see if he they could find some woman of noble birth that would be willing to marry him. When none could be found, his evil advisors told him to marry his own daughter. When she heard this, she fled from her castle with a priest and St. Gerebran. And he found them in another country and he ordered the priest's head to be cut off and then he tried to make his daughter come home and marry him. When she refused, he drew his sword and struck her.


St. Elizabeth of Hungary

St. Elizabeth was 14 when she married a young man. He was wicked to her but she loved the poor and needy. The poor and needy called her Dear Saint Elizabeth. She had 3 children and she took good care of them. One day she was carrying bread out to the poor and her husband came along and he said, "Are you carrying food like a servant?" Then he got the cloak. He looked in the cloak, and flowers dropped down. Then he knew she was a saint, so he asked for forgiveness, and she forgave her husband. She had 4 children. She took great care of them and became Patron Saint of Hungary.


St. Frances of Rome

When she was little her mother was ill and they went to the church and prayed. And the saint of that church came to her and said that your mother will be well pretty soon and you will be a model of Christ. And the next day her mother was well, so in gratitude she gave money to the poor. Then she grew up and she was a nun. But this man liked her and wanted to marry her, so he told some Roman judges what happened so they threw her into a fire but she didn't die. And so they pierced her heart with a knife and she became a martyr.


St. Francis of Assisi

Francis saw how money made people rich and greedy and sinful. So he went out and he sold everything he had. He wanted to live for Jesus alone. People heard of this great man, and they wanted to go with him. They followed St. Francis, and they are called the Franciscans.


St. Gemma Galgani

She was born in 1878, was the youngest girl in the family. When she was young, her mother was very ill. Gemma would kneel by her bedside and cry. Her mother would tell her not to cry, because she would say that she would go to Heaven, and soon Gemma would go to Heaven with her. When Gemma learned that she had died, she said, "Why did you go up to Heaven and leave me down here? Why didn't you take me with you?" When they were at school recess, she would always let the other kids do the best parts in their games. One day, they were playing a game called "Saints": whoever picked the longest straw would be a great saint. Gemma picked the longest straw and they were all saying, "Gemma, you're going to grow up to be a great saint!" One day, she became very ill. Her father went to the priest and said, "You have to let my daughter receive Jesus or she will die." The priest understood she had to have her First Holy Communion. He asked her all these different questions and was very astonished that she could answer them so well. When she was 20 she had an incurable tuberculosis of the spine. She prayed to the St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother and was cured. She wanted to be a Passionist nun but they rejected her. She died April 11, 1903.

  Annette, Daniel

St. Gertrude the Great

St. Gertrude was a little girl and she had this vision. The Lord appeared to her and He gave her a prayer. He said that every time when she says this, thousands of souls in Purgatory will be released. And that was the promise that He made. And this is the prayer: I offer Thee the most Precious Blood of Thy Divine Son Jesus in union with the Masses said throughout the world today for all the holy souls in Purgatory.


St. Helen

She was a British queen and she became a Catholic late in her life and then her son became a Catholic. She spent all her money on building churches. When a Christian emperor was going to build a church on Mt. Calvary, she journeyed there to see if Jesus's cross was still there. And it was. And she found the nails there that He was hung with. She had the 3 crosses brought before a sick lady who had a fatal disease and when she touched Jesus's cross, she was healed. St. Helen had a church built up on Mt. Calvary with Jesus's cross in it. Whoever went there and touched the cross with faith in him, would be healed. She gave a little bit to everybody. Later on, she had a church built on Mt. Olivet. She died in 328.

  Lucy, Emily

St. Henry

St. Henry had a dream. His patron showed him "after 6." St. Henry thought that meant he would die after 6 years. So he prepared for death. Many people did not know about the Savior so he taught them. And then he became a great empire. Because of his 6 years he was a great saint. One day this bad wicked man came and drove the Pope from Rome, so he led his army against the man and beat him. And then he brought the Pope back to Rome. And then he came back to his city. His first visit was always to the church. So he went to the church to pray. Jesus rewarded him greatly. Henry and his wife became great saints. His feast day is July 15.


St. Jerome

St. Jerome is the Patron Saint of Librarians. He lived in Rome. He studied Latin and Greek. He devoted himself to oratory. At Antioch, he received Holy Orders about the year 377. St. Jerome died in Bethlehem in 420. He is a Doctor of the Church.


St. Joachim

St. Joachim was husband of St. Ann and the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary. He belonged to a tribe in Jerusalem of the House of David. For a long time, he and his wife were very sad because they didn't have a child. They prayed earnestly for one. Joachim even fasted 40 days and 40 nights, fasting and praying. Joachim's greatest honor is the fact that he is the father of the Blessed Virgin Mary. There was a church built, possibly by St. Helen, where he and his wife died. He is the patron of good fathers.


St. Joan of Arc

St. Joan was born in 1412. When she was 16, she got a message from God. an angel came to her and told her that she would be she would lead the French armies to victory against England. She went to the governor of France, and he told her that she was too young and sent her home. After she came home 3 times, then he finally let her go. And she went to the king and she told him that the angel had told her that she was to be the leader of the French army. And after a lot of persuasion he let her become the leader. And she led the French army to victory against England. And later, some people who disliked her told the king that she was bad. They held her on trial many times but she was pure and said she was sent from God and they still didn't believe her so she was burned at the stake.

  Annette, Emily

St. John Berchmans

St. John Berchmans he was the son of a shoemaker. He had been in school under a parish priest for 3 years to get prepared for Jesuit College. So after 3 years he went to Jesuit College in 1615. And then he had to go to Rome. He had to walk by foot to Rome he stayed there for 10 weeks. One day he became very, very ill. And he said, "These are my treasures: my Rosary, my Crucifix, and my Book of Rules." He died August 13.


St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco was born in 1815 and when he was still young his father died. A little while later he had a dream about a mysterious Lady who told him to take his staff and lead them out. Later he figured out it was children. He devoted the rest of his life to teaching young children and he died after he served a Mass on May 15, 1887 and his feast day is January 31.


St. John Nepomucen

St. John Nepomucen had a was cured of a disease by his good parents. In thanksgiving he was consecrated over to God and he became a priest and was sent to the city of Prague. King Wenceslaus IV asked him to come to court and he became the queen's confessor. One day, the king asked him to tell him what the queen had said in confession. When Father John refused, he was thrown into prison. The next time when the king asked him to reveal the queen's confession he said, "If you do not obey me, you shall die. If you do, riches and honors shall be yours." Again Father John refused, and he was tortured. He was thrown in the River Moldua at night and but even then the people found his body and buried it with honors. He is the Martyr of Confession.


St. Joseph

St. Joseph was the foster father of Jesus. He helped Mary to Bethlehem. Jesus was born there. And he led them to Egypt, and the angel came in his dream. And an angel came to Joseph and said, "It's safe to go back to Nazareth." So he went back to his own home. St. Joseph was a carpenter and he would make things and stuff like that. When Jesus was 30 years old, Joseph died in Jesus' and Mary's arms. And Jesus blessed Joseph.

  Kyle, Daniel

Bl. Kateri Tekakwitha

Kateri was born in near a town called Auriesville, NY, in the year of 1656. And at that time the Jesuit missionaries were bringing the Catholic faith to the Mohawk Valley. When she was 4, her mother died of a disease called smallpox and she went to live with her 2 aunts and an uncle. Then she moved to a group of Christian Indians in Canada and there every morning even in the coldest days of winter, she'd wait for the chapel to open and she'd stay there until it closed. Then she soon after that she died of a disease and on April 17, 1680. And her last words were, "Jesus and Mary, I love you."


St. Lawrence

Lawrence was a fine young Roman. He was chosen a deacon, that meant that his job was to care for the sick and poor. But the Romans thought he was the treasurer of the Church so they took him prisoner. "Show us the treasures of the Church!" they cried. "Gladly," he said. The Romans followed after him expecting to find precious stones and gold. Instead, he led them to the hospital where the sick and poor were. "Here are the treasures of the Church!" he cried. They were furious. But Lawrence knew that God loved the sick and the poor. In the end, they put him to death. They laid him on a gridiron over the fire. But even there Lawrence could joke. "Turn me over," he cried, "I think I'm done on this side!" Even in his pain, God gave him deep happiness. His feast day is August 10.


St. Louise de Marillac

She was born March 15, 1591. When they were married for 15 years, her husband died, and then she was left with her son. And then she served the poor a lot and she often said to her friends, "Be delighted in helping the poor. Love the poor. Serve the poor as you would serve God." She died March 15, 1660.


St. Lucy

At early age, St. Lucy was offered in a marriage. When she refused, the boy who wanted to marry her got really angry and accused her of being a Christian. She was brought to the governor and she said, "The Holy Spirit is in me and I will not sin." And he said, "I will make you sin. The Holy Spirit will leave you." And she said, "Nothing will make me sin." And so he lit a fire around her, but Lucy was not harmed. Not until she had a sword struck her and she didn't die until the priest came with her Holy Communion.


St. Maria Goretti

She was very pretty and she worked on a farm with her mother and father. And one day while she was working, this boy named Alessandro came up and tried to make her sin. And she yelled out, "No, Alessandro, that's a sin! You will go to Hell!" And she started to fight with him and he took out a knife and stabbed her 14 times. And then she yelled out, "Jesus! Mary! I'm dying! Mama!" And when she was in the hospital, her doctor came up to her and she said, "Will you forgive your murderer?" And she said, "Yes. Today I want him to be with me in Heaven."


St. Martha and St. Mary

Often our Lord was tired. He went to his friend's house. He liked it there. He was happy. Lazarus sat on a chair to talk to Jesus. Mary sat down at Jesus's feet and listened to Jesus. And Martha, she was a busy housekeeper. And after our dear Lord died, St. Martha was there. When He rose, St. Martha was there too.


St. Martin

St. Martin's parents didn't believe in God and his father put St. Martin in the army when he was only 15. One freezing night, when it was snowing, he found this old man, he was a poor man, he was homeless, and St. Martin didn't have any money to give him so he got his sword and cut off a piece of cloak and gave it to the poor. He died on November 11.


St. Mary

St. Mary was the mother of Jesus. When Mary was working, the angel Gabriel appeared to her and told her she that she was to have a son and Joseph and Mary got married and Joseph took Mary to Bethlehem and there the Son was born. There were shepherds and the three kings were there. But then, God told Joseph in a dream to take Mary to Egypt and Jesus. So Joseph fled to Egypt until God sent an angel to tell they were safe. Herod died. And then St. Gabriel came and told them they were safe and told him to go back to Nazareth. So they went back to their own house and Jesus lived many years. They lost Jesus once. He was at His Father's House, in the Temple, asking questions. Three days later they found Him.


St. Mary Magdalene

She was known to many people as the sinner. She was very sorrowful for all her sins. One day when Simon invited Jesus to come and have dinner, she came in and washed His feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. He forgave her of all her sins. From then on, she followed Jesus wherever He went and helped Him and after Jesus died, He appeared to her.


St. Mary of Egypt

Mary of Egypt was a great sinner. She made people chase after her. She led many people into sin. And she did not know about Jesus Christ. One time there was a crowd of people over at a church and when the doors were opened she wanted to go inside the church, but the soldiers wouldn't let her. So when she saw Jesus nailed to the cross she knelt down and started praying. But then she looked over at the Blessed Mother and then she was crying out loud saying "I'm sorry." So she knew that she was doing something wrong for all those years. So she went out in the desert that's Egypt and she prayed a lot to be sorrowful. She wanted Jesus to forgive her for what she had done. A holy man came and saw her dead body. He buried her. Her feast day is April 9.

  Meghan, Kyle

St. Patrick

He was born in Scotland. At age 16 he was captured by pirates. He was carried off to slavery by the raiders and he was a shepherd, and most of his time he liked to pray. One day a voice from Heaven came to him and told him to go back to his own country. He became a priest. The pope made him a bishop and sent him to Ireland as a missionary. When he was in Ireland he told them about Jesus Christ. There was this road and St. Patrick was walking on it and these mean people wanted to kill him, jump out and kill him. So they were hiding behind bushes. They were about to jump on him when they thought they saw a deer, he changed into a deer, while he was saying a prayer in Irish. One of the pagan kings said, "Tell me about your God." And so Patrick told him there were 3 persons in one God. To explain, he picked up a 3-leaf clover and said, "Here, there are 3 leaves on this one plant. Therefore, there are 3 persons in one God." And his feast day is March 17. And his body was found in St. Patrick's church.

  Peter, Meghan

St. Paul

They would persecute the Christians. He killed many Christians. His name was Saul then and the judges told him to go out and kill Christians. So Saul went out and was riding his horse and this light hit him and then he fell down and God spoke to him. So then he had to go back to the house and for 3 days he was blinded. And St. Peter came and made him well again. God told him that his name was to be changed to Paul so then he acted like a saint and he became one of Jesus' apostles. So then Saul became a saint. He did many things for God. People were confused what he was doing. They didn't like him so they told the general he was speaking to him and then he was thrown into a house in Jerusalem. Paul was writing letters around the Holy Land and people saved those letters and they were the Epistles.


St. Pius X

He was the oldest of 8 children. The priests took care of him. He was a very Catholic man. He became a priest in a seminary. He went up to mountains and he made a church and he said Mass there. People loved him very much because he was kind and gentle to them. Then he became a bishop. He mostly talked about the Blessed Sacrament. Then after a while he was elected Pope in 1903. He loved God very much and he became Pope then he died in the year 1914.


St. Rita

When St. Rita was very young, she asked her parents if she could go to the convent and be a nun, but instead her parents arranged for her to be married. She was a good wife and a mother. But her husband mistreated her. One day, her husband got stabbed by the enemy but before he died, he was sorry for his sins because Rita had prayed for him. And later, her two sons died, so she was left alone. Then Rita joined a group of nuns, and she spent most of her time in prayer and penance and good works. One day when Rita was praying, she said, "Jesus my Savior, I want to suffer like You." So a thorn came down from the Crucifix and stabbed her in the forehead, and there was a big, deep wound that would not go away, so she suffered the rest of her life. And her feast day is May 22.


St. Rose of Lima

She was born in Peru and she was very obedient to her parents and she was also very beautiful. Her mother wanted her to wear nice clothes and she said she didn't really care about that. They were a poor family. She loved to pick flowers for Jesus. One time she was outside picking flowers for Jesus and then all of a sudden He appeared to her right beside her and said, "I am very pleased with you." And in those days there was a wicked king named Frederick. He hated the Pope so he sent his men out to tell the people how bad the pope was. They came to St. Rose's town. She heard them and was angry. She got up in the square and she said, "Don't listen to these wicked men. The Pope is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. Love him and protect him." Even though she was only 10 years old, they believed her and protected the Pope. When she was still a young lady, she became a nun. She went to the convent to pray and take care of the poor. After she died at the age of 18, her body was still beautiful.

  Natalie, Meghan,

St. Sebastian

He grew up in a wealthy family and he was a captain of soldiers. One of his soldiers' wife was ill and he made a Sign of the Cross over her and she was healthy again. And then one day people accused him of being a Christian. And they tied him to a tree and shot an arrow but he lived. And then the people clubbed him to death until finally he died. His feast day is January 20.


St. Tarcisius

St. Tarcisius was an altar boy when the pagans were taking Christians into the dungeons and killing them. And one day, the priest wanted to take the Holy Eucharist to the people who were going to be killed. But he couldn't find anyone to do it, because if a Christian went out, they'd just be taken in, so he offered to do it. So he covered the Eucharist and he ran out. And then these boys came up to him and yelled, and they go, "Hey Tarcisius, we just need one more boy to play our game!" And he goes, "Not right now, I have a job to do." And then one of the older boys saw him; he was holding something. And so they said, "Tarcisius, what do you have there?" And he started walking faster. But they came up and they beat him. Then a soldier came, a secret Christian, and he tore the boys off of him and he carried Tarcisius back to the priest. The priest was sad, but he was glad that Tarcisius had not let them steal the Holy Eucharist.


St. Thérèse of the Little Flower

She was a little girl and she liked to play a lot with her brothers and sisters but she had to do some work that she didn't like. She just smiled. And when she was little she was about around 12, and she wanted to go in a convent to be a nun. She asked the pope, but the pope said no, because she was too young. But she went into the convent and then she became a nun and she promised after her death, she said, "Anyone who loves me and cares for God, I shall send him down a rose."


St. Teresa

She prayed hard for the people for their sins. She prayed so hard, that other women came and prayed with her. She built a monastery for them. More women came and they prayed for the sinners throughout the world.


St. Thomas a Becket

He was Archbishop of Canterbury and he was good friends with King Henry II. King Henry said one day that that man should be killed and the people that work for him thought he wanted him to be killed so they went out searching for him for a long time and finally they found him in the church and he said, "If you kill me I want to be a martyr of God." They chopped off his head and his feast day is December 29.


St. Ursula

St. Ursula grew up and became a teacher. Many parents put their children in to be taught. She had a little school in England. One day, this pagan army was going towards England. They didn't believe in Jesus Christ. So she took her little pupils and all the other teachers against the pagans. And then they captured them. They said to her, "I will let them free if they won't believe in Jesus Christ." And they refused. And the men pulled out their swords and killed them all.


St. Veronica

It was when Jesus was carrying the cross when He was going to be crucified and the crowd was spitting at Him, throwing mud in His face and laughing at Him and they made Him trip fall. But then He looked around and He saw no friends. And then St. Veronica was there and she was upset with what was happening to Jesus so she pushed the crowd away. She pushed the soldiers away and then she went to Jesus. She took off her veil and wiped His face. And then the soldiers pushed her out. And then when she so she went home and hen when she went home she looked at her veil and then she saw Jesus's face on it and she kept that as long as she lived. Her feast day is February 4.


St. Vincent

St. Vincent was a very holy priest. He cared for the sick and loved them. He helped many poor people. He loved the poor. He knew that Jesus loved them most of all too. He gave all the money he got to the poor. Every time when he saw the poor he would give them clothing, toys, and clothes and his love. Most of all he loved to teach about Jesus Christ. But one day, these pirates came by and carried him off to sea. He converted them and he baptized them. He made them into Catholics and they became followers of him. He went back to his country and made more people come back to the Catholic Church. He got pure, good men and women to follow him. The women cared very much for the poor. His feast day is July 19.

  Kyle, Meghan

St. William

St. William was a fine young man. He was sent to the finest schools. People thought he was going to lead a successful life. But he followed Our Lord, and became a young priest. He always taught the people about Our Lord. They always came to listen to William when he preached. He never ate meat. He gave it to the poor. He never spent money on himself; he gave it away. Our Holy Father asked him to be an archbishop. William didn't want to accept it, but he listened to the Holy Father. Then one day he died and a whole crowd of people went following his dead body to the grave.


St. Zita

St. Zita was a young little girl. She worked for these people and they said to her, "Don't work so hard, because you're showing off our laziness." And then one day they fell asleep so she thought that she'll make bread. So she made bread. But really most of all she loved to talk to God. So she was talking to God, praying for like a couple hours. Then all of a sudden she forgot about the bread and she cried. But then these angels came down and took the bread out of the oven. She made the best bread in the world; it was sweet.


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