I have a Lute song here that I wrote (my lute is an 11-course Baroque Lute).
It is called Coranto for Diane and Michael. I wrote it for my sister Diane's wedding.
(It is here in RealAudio format.) You can also get the lute tablature for the song here.

Harp Music (realaudio file of "Drops of Brandy" on the Celtic Harp)

Here are some guitar songs I've written. I started writing guitar songs in the mid-70's. I will be posting some of my songs here, as I convert them to TAB on the computer. Here's what I have so far:

Here are some songs I've made tablature for: Here are some places where you can get guitar tablature on the Internet.

An explanation of how to read Gregorian Chant Notation.

I am currently the organist at the indult Traditional Latin Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

I also enjoy folk dancing. I started folk dancing at the Seegers, on Paoli Pike in Malvern in 1978.

I put some old movies I took of dances up on the Internet Archive!
Dance thumbnail There is a movie there of a dance at the Seegers house in Malvern from 1996. My little nephew Tristan was there that night. That can be found at

Ball thumbnail There's also a movie I put there from a Ball at the mansion in Ridley Creek Park in 1990. That movie is at

Bavarian Ländler at the Seegers with a girl from the LPH Resource Center

I like teaching dances to kids, especially at the L.P.H. Resource Center.
I wrote an article for the Country Dance and Song Society [CDSS] News about Folk Dancing among Homeschoolers.

My address is email

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