Weird Music
           copyright 1989 Rick Kephart

  He had some trouble getting in the station he normally listens to on his radio, so he went through the dial, trying to find something to listen to. Near the end of the dial, something caught his attention, and he started listening to it. It was unlike anything he had ever heard before, and he wondered what it could be.

  As he listened, he noticed his heart was pounding. He hadn't realized how exciting this music must be! He listened more closely, but still couldn't pick out anything like a melody or rhythm, just bizarre musical sounds. But any music so exciting that it could make his heart race like that, must be pretty good.

  Then he began to feel contortions in his face. The music seemed to be causing it. It reminded him of the way a very sour lemon can cause the mouth to pucker. But this was severely twisting his face, into crooked grins and frowns. He wondered how music could make that happen, but he found it interesting. He continued to listen.

  Then it started causing his whole body to twitch. His eyes were rolling in his head and he was panting as he listened to the music. But he continued to listen.

  As the twitches grew more extreme, he was no longer enjoying the experience. He felt as though his jaw was trying to poke out through his chin, and there were terrible cramps in his hands and feet.

  He reached for the radio. That was when he discovered thick hair growing on his arm. He couldn't understand how music could cause rapid hair growth like that. He was getting scared now. His terror grew when he saw his hand now horribly deformed, more like a hairy, long-nailed claw than a human hand.

  He felt the music envelope him. It filled his head, and seemed to be filling his whole body.

  He'd had enough! He reached to turn off the... the... the... He could not longer remember what the box of sounds there was even called, much less how to operate it.

  The agony in his face grew worse. He felt his saliva pouring over his fangs and down his furry face. He tried to cry out, but instead threw back his head and out came an inhuman howl. Distant howls across the city answered.

  He was no longer aware of a radio at all. There was only the music. And he wanted meat. Fresh, bloody meat.

  He looked around madly. The door was shut. Even if he could remember how to open a door, his claws would make opening it impossible.

  An open window. He leaped through the window and ran off into the night.

  In the now-empty room, the music stopped and there were several minutes of silence. Then came the voice of the disk jockey:

  "Sorry, we seem to be having a little technical trouble here in the studio. I hope you could hear that last selection alright; I couldn't hear most of it here in the studio. That was something new we've just gotten here. But I'm afraid I can't tell you what it was. I can't find any words anywhere on it, but there is the creepiest picture of a werewolf on the cover..."

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