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I decided to take a crack at making miniatures out of wood. I bought a supply of wood from a nearby hobby store, and used an x-acto knife and some glue and started experimenting. In need of additional money, I decided to see what I could sell on eBay.

Here are some of the things I've made!

clock 1 At my house there is a big, cheap clock. (It was a free gift for going to look at properties in the Poconos.)

I measured it on every side, and reduced it to 1:12 scale, and based this clock on that.

I made a few changes in it that seemed like would make it look nicer.

clock 2 This is the second clock I made.

I also made a bunch of "books" to put in it! I have a collection of 19th-century books, and I used them to make these book covers.


There is a web page just on the book covers, with the covers that can be used to make your own miniature books.

clock 2

Here is the clock in a dollhouse:

I made a toy chest also based on something at my house. For this, since the shape was a bit more complex, I photographed it on all sides in addition to measuring it. I then printed it out 1/12 the original size, and used the pictures as templates to cut out the shapes. I used a dowel for the posts. I cut up some old clothes to make the cushion.

toy chest

Here is the second toy chest I made, with fancier decorations

chest 2

toy chest in dollhouse
The toy chest in my sister's old doll house, in use by the little boy.

For Halloween, I made this coffin. I found the dimensions on the internet. I made the arm sticking out of the coffin by carving it out of a small piece of wood, and I cut up an old shirt to make its sleeve. I made the chain by twisting wire to make the links one by one.


birdhouse This is a birdhouse I made. I found instructions for making a birdhouse on the internet, and simply reduced all the measurements by 1/12 to make this.


This is a little Rocking Chair that I made. I copied it from a rocking chair in a comic strip!

rocking chair


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