Prayer Requests

This is a page, started on December 7, 1995, where you can leave requests for people to pray for your intentions, for friends and loved ones who are in need of prayers. Please also stop by often, to see what requests have been made, and say an Ave or two for the people listed here.
If you have a prayer request, use the Prayer Request Form at the bottom of this page. Please include the first name or initials of the person and where he is (state or country) and what is needed for that person.
Your request will be processed within a week; if your prayer request does not appear within 7 days after you send it, you should send it again. You have to pray for at least one person prayers have been requested for here or your prayer request won't be listed. If you don't say a prayer for the intentions of somebody else who has requested prayers here, and fill in the name which is already on the web page here whom you will pray for, your prayer request will be deleted and will not be displayed here.

I'm going to be away for a while for a retreat with the Monks of Clear Creek in Oklahoma, and won't be taking prayer requests during that time.
The page will be running again soon.

Andy in Illinois requests prayers for completely defeating lust in his life and the after effect.

Melvinn requests prayers for Melvin in UAE to get a job in UAE(searching from last year).

Benjamin Dimowo in Lagos State, Nigeria, requests prayers for deliverance from all evil.

Mary Salini in India requests prayers for her marriage to be fixed immediately.

Maura Byrne requests prayers for G.F. in Ireland to be cured from cancer of mouth and neck

Lindiwe Kosi requests prayers for Mothusiemang Sedisho in South Africa: "His life is complicated . His working his a car but he is suffering. He want to do alot but his life is stuck."

Joseph requests prayers for Ron in Compton, California, who has a drug problem, meth to be exact.

Jillian requests prayers for Gay in Texas who has deviated septum, esophogael mass; is now tired and low in spirit.

Smitha in UAE requests prayers for a job.

Katarina requests prayers for Dejan & Katarina in Serbia, for Godís protection.

Nandra requests prayers for a full time job.

Alfred requests prayers for Eric Mcdonald for his healing and well-being. Eric has mental and emotional problems.

Annlee requests prayers for her husband Jacob in UAE, who lost his job for the last 2 months.

Sunitha requests prayers for her uncle Samson Asseervatham in India for health.

Katie Thompson requests prayers for Jen in Ankeny, Iowa, for financial needs

Denver Lachica in Philippines requests prayers for a college teaching job as soon as possible and to last long in it.

George requests prayers to get the job he applied for at Radiance Technologies.

George requests prayers for employment.

Melvin in India requests prayers for a job.

Mary in New York requests prayers for healing.

Cornelia requests prayers for Bryana & Stephen in Washington State so Bryana can conceive a child. Bryana and Stephen hope to start a family.

Binu Varghese requests prayers for Binu Varghese & Suja in UAE & Australia: have lost job (31/03/2017 last working day) and Suja is in Melbourne trying for job, extraordinary delay getting a job visa.

Isaac in India requests prayers for to get agood government job very soon. He finished his university degree in 2014 since then he haven't any job in spite of applying for many jobs. His mother who is the only person in their family and has now become very weak in mentally and physically and they have no other source of income.

Fabian in India requests prayers for a job

Ranjan Varghese in Dubai, UAE,e requests prayers for getting a good job and nebosh certification.

Princy in India requests prayers for marriage restoration; they are separated for 9 months.

Terri requests prayers for De. James Chris, seriously ill.

Deb requests prayers for Jim in Pennsylvania to get the job he's interviewing for.

Mothusi Mafielele in South Africa requests prayers for a job.

S.C. requests prayers for C.G. in Idaho, for her to get back together with her boyfriend (Christian and Sarah).

Rajan in UAE requests prayers after having lost my ab due to some problems in the company, with one month time to find another job.

Zettu in South Africa requests prayers university entrance for medicine.

Dante requests prayers for David G. to become a Christian.

A. Nathan in India requests prayers for a job he needs on urgent basis, and guidance from God.

Chris requests prayers for Kaleigh in Pennsylvania to be placed at the Hershey Medical Center as a resident nurse.

Melwin Maben in Bangalore requests prayers for his entrance exams for admissions into a medical college, as he is feeling a little nervous: that his nervousness and anxiety would be gone and for God's will to be done.

April requests prayers for her career.

Solvejg in Denmark requests prayers for a good job very soon and a cheaper place to live.

P.K. in India requests prayers to get this job he is pursuing.

Chris requests prayers for Kaleigh in Pennsylvania to get to the Hershey Medical Center as a resident nurse.

Melwin Maben in Bangalore requests prayers for entrance exams for admissions into a medical college. The schedule is as follows: 24-April-2016- Kalinga University. Orissa Entrance Exam. 01-May-2016: All India Pre-medical Test( Aipmt ) 04 & 05-May-2016- Karnataka Common Entrance Test( Kcet ) 12-May-2016- Manipal University Entrance Test. Manipal. 21-May-2016- Chrsitian Medical College(cmc) Vellore Entrance Test. 29-May-2016- All India Institute Of Medical Sciences(aiims) New Delhi. 05-June-2016- Jipmer. Puducherry Entrance Test.And for nervousness and anxiety to be gone.

Sandra M requests prayers for James B in New York, for a complete healing of body; he has rectal bleed.

Chantelle in South Africa requests prayers for a new job to be happy again grow.

Avin Chakko in India Kerala requests prayers "to get short list for the telephonic interview .cv submitted." He really needs it.

Mary Justin requests prayers for her husband Justin in Dubai, who is in need of a new job before his visa finishes by March 25th 2016. secure.peaceful with better salary job.

Renita Gretta Correa in Karnataka requests prayers for prayers for a permanent job to get life in order.

Marlen in Mexico requests prayers for exorcism and spiritual strength.

Dwi in Indonesia requests prayers as his sister wants to take over all of their family property.

Anita requests prayers for her husband Vishvanayak in Moradabad U. P. (India): "addicted to negative activities with women he is 58 yrs old. He require a positive breakthrough in life. I am suffering for 29 yrs."

David in Utah requests prayers for healing of back and pain and suffering offered for the glory of God.

Sudip in Australia requests prayers for the calls to his mum this week and also for the call from mum.

S.G. requests prayers for Ariel in Texas for employment: sent out applications but no interviews, recently got a degree and really needs financial help.

Sky requests prayers for her mother to keep her job.

Gabriel in Nairobi requests prayers for a permanent job to get his life in order.

Shantimolvarghese requests prayers for Sadeash Joseph in UAE-Sharjah to get a better new job for her husband.

Merlin in UAE requests prayers for a good job.

Peter Sakyi in Ghana requests prayers for financial.

Hadly Fernandes in UAE requests prayers for employment visa process to go very smoothly.

Ayman in Egypt requests prayers for a job.

Serena requests prayers for her husband Juan in California, who is dating a young woman, may ask for divorce. She loves him hopes the prayers help to clear his mind. They are married 40 years.

Shaun Henwick requests prayers for Shaun & Andre in South Africa to stop divorce and for husband hubby to return home. And they both need work urgently.

Hadly Fernandes in UAE requests prayers for job employment

Rofhiwa Lirumo in South Africa requests prayers for a job.

Sanju in Auckland, New Zealand, requests prayers for a job soon in Auckland NZ ( trying to get a job since last 4 years).

C.C. requests prayers for son Jacob in Illinois to his Catholic Faith.

Raju in India requests prayers to start a bright career to save the family, and also for the deliverance from witchcraft.

Rita requests prayers for Gabriel in India for a change of job, and he is trying to fly overseas for 5 years without success.

Justin in India requests prayers for getting a job and marriage.

Ashis Maity in India, Kolkata requests prayers for a job.

Scholastica in Singapore requests prayers for a suitable job.

Sofia in India requests prayers for a job in sns college of engineering.

Francesco Romano in San Francisco, California requests prayers to find a better home soon to live near public transportation in San Francisco, CA, and justice against a landlady (wrongful eviction).

Mr. Pratheep in India requests prayers for job security, to publish his paper, to secure good ranks in all his tests, and to start a doctorate soon.

Sheelaa in India requests prayers for a job: searching for 2 years now.

Patrick requests prayers for Sharal in India, who needs a job.

Bill Anthony Gonzale in Philippines requests prayers for success of starting business and to clear their debts.

Suchitra requests prayers for Dhayanithi in Tamil Nadu, who has been jobless for almost two years.

Sharal in India requests prayers for a job immediately: has done mba in finance and wants a job response from Bajaj Finance.

John Bosco requests prayers for Rajesh Kumar in India for settlement in marriage with a God chosen alliance.

Bernardo requests prayers for Claudia & Bernardo in Arizona & Mexico: his father is 72 and has no faith and does not practice it want him to turn to God, and his wife is an Evangelical Christian stubborn to believe in Catholicism.

D.G. requests prayers for Tom in Indiana, for his conversion to the Catholic Faith.

Helena from Detroit asks for prayers for a good friend of hers, Xiulian Li in Canton, Michigan, who has inoperable cancer.

Thank You's

Rose in Clinton Township, Michigan, thanks for prayers answered: car is legal and gas bill will be paid.

Minnie in Philippines: "Thank you all for praying for me. If God did not give you what you prayed for it only means that he has a better plan for you. I found a better job."

Cheryle in Las Vegas: "Praise God I got the money to register my car; it's all legal."

Danielle for Magic in Québec, Canada: "Thank you for all your prayers. Magic's tumor turned out to be benign. The tumor will be removed August 22nd and that will be the end of it!!"

Nicole for her husband Jonathan in Arizona: "My prayers for my husband were answered. Thank you all. My prayers are with you."

Cassondra for Jason in Texas: "My prayer was answered for Jason. Thank you for your prayers.."

Danielle in Canada: "Thank you for praying for my Jamie - he has decided not to go on his trip to Bolivia but will be going with a friend to Europe instead. Much safer!"

Antoinette in Michigan: "Praise God and thanks to all of you. My prayers for a good career paying opportunity has been filled. Thanks be to God for His love and mercy."

A.K. for Rebecca in Virginia: "Praise the Lord that my daughter was successful at getting the job today (Nov. 11, 2004). She is pregnant and needs this job so much. Thank you for your prayers."

I.H. for Inga in Germany: Inga sleeps much better now (although with sleeping pills) and communication has taken place with Stefan (they had lunch together and they are completely reconciled).

Nadene for Sarah in California: Sarah is out of hospital, eating well and doing fine.

Terri for Jeremy in Texas: he was allowed to take the test.

C.F. for Michael in Georgia: he is at home now.

Yohanes Manhitu for her sister Anastasia Manhitu in Indonesia: she has given birth to her first born child with the help of God.

Mary Lou for her son Johnny in Germany: "God has heard your prayers because my son has finally written to me and on my birthday. Well almost my birthday. He included my birthday wishes in it.

Stella in Canada, for herself and her son both finding employment.

Lynette for Ruth in Virginia: who was kept on by her old company the day after Lynette requested prayers for her job.

Marcel in Ontario: "Thank you every one who prayed for me, Maxime and Aline. We are now together. I will keep praying for request on this site."

Phyllis for Paul in New Hampshire: "Thank you all for your prayers which have been heard. God has saved my brother from a stroke. he is doing well now on new medication Glory to God!"

Melissa for Isaac in Oklahoma (for safe travels and that love leads him home to her): "Prayer of Thanks! I can already see the power of your prayers for love! Please keep the love prayers coming! :) Thank you!"

Sue Dodsworth for her mother-in-law Gloria Dodsworth in Michigan: "Thank you to everyone who prayed for Gloria. She is home now and doing so much better."

Marian for her stepdaughter Danielle in Pennsylvania: "Thank you for your prayers for Danielle. She is getting the help she needs she is starting to act like the sweet girl she once was. May God bless you."

Marian for her granddaughter Aurora in Philadelphia, PA: "Thanks for your prayers for my Aurora. She is healthy and doing fine after her seizure. She has the sparkle back in her eyes. Hope Dod is good to you."

Marian for her brother Thomas in Pennsylvania: "Thank you for your prayers for my brother. After waiting over 2 years he is finally getting a kidney. I hold your prayers are answered. God bless you."

Jean M requests prayers for Kevin M in Vancouver Bc, thank you for your prayers kevin m got a good job in his field please pray that never lose this job that he really loves it thank you

L. in Texas requests prayers for thank you for your prayers both c and m got the jobs they needed to help support their families and m's headaches are not as frequent. thanks!


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