Music Composition Demo

This is a demonstration of the Composition portion of some of the music course lessons.

When this is done as part of the actual class, there will be 32 notes to enter (not just 8 as in this demo). There are instructions to follow to choose the notes based on what has been learned in the lessons.

In this demonstration, it will return a MIDI file with the notes you selected as soon as you send it! In the course, it won't return a MIDI file right away. Instead, it will be added to any other music compositions which have been done during the same week by other students taking the class, and harmony added to it, and then it will be added to the Music Compositions web page.


Use your mouse pointer to point to the spot on the staff where you want to place your note. Click on it, and the note will appear there. At the same time, the name of the note will appear in one of the boxes underneath the staff (the letter name will probably not be lined up with the note on the staff). Do not edit the letter name of the note, because that will not show up on the staff! If you want to move the note, just click on a different line or space above or below it. There should be exactly 4 notes in each measure.

When you're finished, click the "Send the Song" button!