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Resource Center Pictures

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This is the sign that was on the front door to the LPH Resource Center in Pottstown

001 door sign

The Byzantine Church where the LPH Resource Center classroom was

002 church

My front desk in the LPH Resource Center classroom

003 desk

Another picture of the front of the classroom, from the side

004 desk

Me with 2 of the students and the pastor, Father Nick

005 priest

The Bull's-Eye science project: for learning about mirrors and angles of incidence and reflection

006 bullseye

Using the computer (a modern computer at the time)

007 computer

Doing the large Latin Crossword Puzzle that was taped to the wall, with the clues on the blackboard

008 latin-crossword x

Latin Crossword Puzzle again

009 latin-crossword2

Learning the Hebrew alphabet: writing names in Hebrew on the blackboard

010 hebrew

Making molecules out of toothpicks and gumdrops (artificial wintergreen flavoring molecule)

011 gumdrops

Remote Control science project

012 robot x

Emily displaying her rock collection

013 rocks

Demonstrating a tornado

014 tornado

Demonstrating a black hole

015 blackhole

Another science demonstration

016 experiment

Some guests from Chile

017 chile

A couple of girls

018 tornado x

Classroom scene

019 party

Another classroom scene (party)

020 party2

Playing the keyboard

021 keyboard

Beginning-of-the-year party cake

022 partycake

Cutting the cake

023 party2 x

Some of the little kids and one of the students

024 board

Another picture with some of the little kids

025 shoulders

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